Our Plants

Year: 2019 - Location: Sarroch - Customer: Saras

Saras refinery Thermal Drying System TDS

Year: 2015 - Location: Portoscuso - Customer: Portovesme srl

Contained groundwater treatment plant (TAF)

Year: 2014 - Location: Sarroch - Customer: Eni Versalis

Contaminated groundwater treatment plant (TAF)

Year: 2013 - Location: Portovesme - Customer: Portovesme srl

Selenium removal plant "Luna"

May 2013, construction and start up of the new selenium removal plant "Luna" at the site of Por…

Year: 2012 - Location: Livorno - Customer: Eni

Waste Water Reuse (WWR)

2012, construction, start up and operation of the Waste Water Reuse (WWR) at ENI refinery in Li…

Year: 2011 - Location: Porto Torres - Customer: Syndial

Highly contaminated water treatment plant

2011/2012, construction of two TAF (treatment of highly contaminated water from aquifer) at SYN…

Year: 2008 - Location: Gela - Customer: Eni

Spent caustic water treatment plant

Treatment of aprox 80.000 cm/y of spent caustic waters at ENI Ref. Gela, Sicily, Italy

Year: 2005 - Location: Assemini

Contaminated soils treatment Platform

Construction of our platform to treat contaminated soils using ENSOLVEX technology at Assemini,…

Year: 2004 - Location: Ravenna - Customer: Eni/Syndial

Arsenic contaminated sludge treatment

Treatment of aprox 200.000 tons of mud contaminated by arsenic at ENI/SYNDIAL Petrochemical Com…

Year: 2003

Soil washing mobile plant

2003, construction of a soil-washing mobile plant for various contaminated sites Northern Italy

Year: 2000 - Location: Rho - Customer: Eni

Contaminated soil treatment with Ensolvex technology

2000, construction of a first ENSOLVEX facility to treat contaminated soil of ENI Ref. Rho/Mila…

Year: 1997 - Location: Portovesme - Customer: Enirisorse

Hazourdous waste treatment plant

1997, construction of a large plant to treat 140.000 ton/y of hazardous wastes produced by ENIR…

Year: 1994 - Location: Sannazzaro - Customer: Eni

Contaminated water treatment plant

1994, installation of a first plant to treat up to 400 cm/h of contaminated water from aquifer …

Year: 1993 - Location: Sannazzaro - Customer: Eni

Thermal drying plant

1993. Installation of a thermal drying system (TDS) for centrifuged cake produced at ENI Ref., …

Year: 1992 - Location: Rijeka - Customer: Ina

Contaminated bottom sludges treatment plant

1992, installation of a centrifugation plant to treat bottom sludges at INA Ref., Rijeka, Croat…

Year: 1992 - Location: Assemini - Customer: Enichem

Organ-halogenated sludges treatment plant

1992. Installation of a plant designed to treat approx 5.000 tons of organ-halogenated sludges …

Year: 1992 - Location: Sannazzaro - Customer: Eni

Mobile wastewater treatment plant with ozone and H2O2

1992. First trial with a specific mobile plant using ozone, H202, to decontaminate water coming…

Year: 1991 - Location: Trecate - Customer: Esso

Lagoon oily sludges mobile treatment plant

1991, installation of a big mobile plant to treat more than 25.000 tons of oily sludges contain…

Year: 1991 - Location: Trieste - Customer: Ente Autonomo del Porto di Trieste

Contaminated soil mobile treatment plant

1991, installation of a big mobile plant to treat more than 60.000 tons of contaminated soil of…

Year: 1991 - Location: Venezia - Customer: Agip

Sludges treatment plant

1991, installation of a plant to treat WWTP muds and sludges produced by AGIP Ref.,Venezia, Ita…

Year: 1990 - Location: Sannazzaro - Customer: Agip

Spent caustic water treatment with ozone technology

1990, installation of a plant with advanced ozone technology to process spent caustic water, pr…

Year: 1990 - Location: Ravenna - Customer: Agip

Hazardous wastes treatment with big mobile inertization plant

1990, first inertization big mobile unit installed in dismantenling refinery of AGIP Ravenna, I…

Year: 1989 - Location: Livorno - Customer: Agip

Lagoon oily residues plant treatment

1989, installation of a plant to treat approx 40.000 tons of oily residues contained in a lago…

Year: 1988 - Location: Sarroch - Customer: Saras

Waste and residues treatment plant

1988, realization of full plant to treat all wastes and residues (wastes global service) produc…

Year: 1987 - Location: Sannazzaro - Customer: Agip

Global service with homogenization waste plant

1987, first homogenization plant (TOR) for all wastes produced (wastes global service) by AGIP …

Year: 1985 - Location: Latina - Customer: Recordati spa

Thermal dehydration (TDS) of WWTP sludge from pharmaceutical plant

1985, first thermal dehydration (TDS) of WWTP mud from pharmaceutical plant and first reverse o…

Year: 1984

Mobile centrifugation and inertization plant

1984, first mobile centrifugation and inertization unit.

Year: 1984 - Location: Sannazzaro - Customer: Agip

Oil refinery sludge centrifugation plant

1984, first stationary WWTP streams in Italy (centrifugation plant) in AGIP Ref. Sannazzaro, P…

Year: 1984 - Location: Augusta - Customer: Esso

Oily residues treatment plant

1984, treatment of approx 16.000 tons of oily residues contained in a storm water basin at ESSO…

Year: 1983 - Location: Augusta - Customer: Esso

Centrifugated sludges inertization plant

1983, first inertization of centrifuged cake with use of chemicals (i.e. bentonite, cement, cal…

Year: 1982 - Location: Augusta - Customer: Esso

Oily sludges centrifugation plant

1982, first centrifugation process of WWTP sludges at ESSO Refinery Augusta, Sicily, Italy