Solution study for hazardous waste management

The management of hazardous waste is a vast sector of activity that is constantly evolving due to the increasingly stringent environmental regulations; in particular, with the development of specific studies, more and more often, low hazard substances end up being suddenly accepted as extremely dangerous. This leads to the consequent change of non-hazardous waste to "hazardous waste".

ECOTEC's Research Centre processes tailor made hazardous waste treatment solutions for the specific problems of the Customer: the working method for the identification of hazardous waste treatment processes includes preliminary literature review, laboratory tests and small scale testing.

When preliminary tests provide promising results, the study is normally completed with pilot testing on a large scale, in order to obtain all the parameters necessary for the design and construction of the industrial systems.

The research and development activities of hazardous waste treatment solutions involve the entire structure of the Research Centre composed of chemists, physicists, geologists, engineers, highly specialized in the design and development of new economically sustainable industrial processes.

Due to the variability of waste origin and waste generating production cycles, usually the technologies applied to the treatment of hazardous waste are very different from each other: in this regard, Ecotec makes its business know-how available to Companies/Entities, so it can be studied and satisfy each specific requirement of the Customer.

In such a diverse range of issues, the Research Centre provides tailored solutions to customers. These solutions are based on the best technologies and processes applicable to the management and treatment of hazardous waste.