Groundwater, process water, wastewater treatment

Study of tailor-made solutions for groundwater, process water and wastewater treatment.

Water is a precious resource that must be protected and used rationally: especially in the industrial field, the stringent industry regulations require that water resources are treated, reclaimed, reused and finally discharged into the receiving body in compliance with the established regulations.

Over the years, ECOTEC has developed, designed and patented several processes for the treatment of groundwater, wastewater and process water.

ECOTEC develops water treatment solutions tailored for the specific problems of the customer: the working method for the production of custom made water treatment systems provides a preliminary study of literature, laboratory tests and small scale tests.

When preliminary tests provide promising results, the study is normally completed with pilot testing on a large scale, in order to obtain all the parameters necessary for the design and construction of the industrial system.

Research and development activities involve the entire structure of the Research Centre, composed of chemists, physicists, geologists, engineers, highly specialized in the design and development of new economically sustainable industrial processes.

The technologies applied in the treatment of ground water, process water and wastewater are usually very different from each other due to different origins and different chemical and physical compositions of the liquid matrices and due to specific industry regulations.

The Research Centre provides the Customers with tailored solutions based on the best technologies and treatment processes applicable to different types of aqueous matrices.