Research Centre Patents

Many of the technologies and processes designed and developed by the Research Centre are protected by patents.

Since 2001, numerous patent applications have been filed, being a reason for pride for the Group. Some of the obtained patents are certainly interesting for their innovation, affordability and easy application.

The developed technologies concern the treatment of wastewater, waste and groundwater highly polluted by persistent substances, neutralization of sludge and waste with high content of heavy metals, the recovery of polluted soils through the use of environmentally friendly solvents that are also used in the food industry (ENSOLVEX process, in partnership with EniTecnologie).

Methods for the reduction of selenium in wastewater and process water have recently been devised, aimed along with innovative procedures at extracting exploitable substances from scraps and the ferrous and non-ferrous metal industry. Below is a list of owned patents or patents used under exclusive license; many of the Italian patents listed below have been extended abroad (European Patent or International Patent).



"Procedure for the depolluting treatment of caustic soda aqueous solutions exhausted after purification and cleaning of used oil refining products" (the soda patent).

"Depolluting and regeneration treatment of caustic soda aqueous solutions exhausted from cleaning and washing of oil refining products and equipment suitable for the above mentioned treatment" (the soda patent)

"The decontamination procedure of environmental, domestic and industrial waters containing compounds harmful to the environment and human health" (TAF)

"Recovery of moist polluted soil" (ENSOLVEX - shared with ENI)

"The recovery process of soils contaminated with organic compounds"

"Process for the removal of organic contaminants from moist soil" (licensed)

"Process for the purification and recovery of solid, powder and non-powder metal materials, contaminated by water and hydrocarbons" (EUROBALL)

"Photo degradation process for the purification of polluted water" (licensed)

"The process of organic pollutant removal from silts and clays"

"Chelating aqueous solution, used for the cleaning of solid and/or liquid matrices contaminated by heavy metals and the cleaning method itself" (EXTRAMET)

"Oxidant aqueous solution for the decontamination of liquid waste and its preparation process"

"Method for treating high viscosity petrochemical waste" (FNP treatment)

"Method for the destruction of cyanides, nitrites and organic substances containing nitrogen in liquid or solid systems containing these substances"

"Treatment of contaminated solid material in order to immobilize the heavy metals contained in it"

"The removal process of organic contaminants from liquid matrices" (CED)

"Process for the removal of organic pollutants from waste and sludgedy based substrates" (ENSOLVEX, new substrates)

"Method and equipment for textile washing with electrochemically prepared solutions"

"Process and reactor for the removal of selenium from process water produced by the metallurgical, chemical and petrochemical industries and power plants"

"Process and reactor for the conversion of powdery products into a plasma state. The powdery products that originate from the processing of bauxite are transformed in an inert and compact residue, containing products of industrial interest"