Research Centre

In order to improve its technological capabilities and provide the market with innovative products, at the end of the 90s, after the first twenty years of business, the Ecotec Group decided to equip itself with a research centre.

The purpose of this investment was to eliminate as much as possible, the dependence on French, English but also Italian external laboratories, on which the Group's companies relied on to carry out research and development projects.

The Ecotec Research Centre building is divided into three operational areas: offices, extended over an area of about 500 square meters, 600 square meters of laboratories and the area destined for tests on pilot systems and bulky equipment, which occupies about 1000 square meters.

The offices house the chemical, biological, geological research and basic and detail engineering staff. The laboratories are equipped with facilities for analysis of solid and liquid samples of different origins (contaminated soil, waste, groundwater, process and waste water, non-ferrous metallurgical waste, etc.).

The Research Centre is equipped with the following main analytical instruments: ICP - OES , atomic absorption spectrometry , X-ray diffraction ( XRD ) , X-ray fluorescence spectrometry ( XRF ) , gas chromatography - mass spectrometry ( GC - MS ) , ionic chromatographic, UV- Visible spectrometry, IR spectrophotometry . The research Centre laboratories are also equipped with thermo gravimetric analysis instruments (up to 1600 ° C ) connected with IR spectrophotometer, total organic carbon analyzer, as well as the necessary instrumentation for sample preparation, such as, for example, planetary micronizer mill and microwave mineralizer.

The research, development and analysis activities are carried out in accordance with a quality management system certified by DNV Italia in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.

In order to meet the multidisciplinary nature of the carried out research, the Research Centre employs staff from diverse cultural backgrounds, including science graduates (chemists, various engineers, geologists, physicists, microbiologists) and technical experts in laboratory analysis, technical drawing, implementation and maintenance of equipment and electric instrumentations systems.

The Ecotec Research Centre approaches the market as a multidisciplinary structure, able to offer a Problem Solving service at very competitive prices, thanks to the scientific education of its staff and the solid collaboration with various universities and various institutes belonging to the National Research Council.

The Research Centre is available for the realization of privately funded or co-financed research projects as part of the Projects promoted by the central Government or Local Authorities.

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