Recovery of soils and scrap materials

Recovery of soils and scrap materials

The industrial waste treatment platform of Assemini is authorized for retention (R13) and treatment aimed at the recovery of hazardous and non-hazardous waste (R5) and the subsequent sale of cleaned secondary raw materials, resulting from the treatment of soils and scrap material recovery.

The system treats contaminated soil, scrap materials, sludge and other wastes having similar physical characteristics, through an innovative, patented technology, called ENSOLVEX ®, based on a process of pollutant extraction with a suitable solvent (ethyl acetate). 

The waste treatment platform of Assemini currently consists of a Soil Washing module and solvent extraction module (ethyl acetate).

The soil washing module carries out the "washing" of the soil with the classification and separation of several granulometric fractions such as stone, gravel, sand and clay; the purpose of the soil washing treatment is to concentrate the pollutants present in the soil, whether organic and/or inorganic compounds, in finer clay fractions which, thanks to their large specific surface area, adsorb and capture the pollutants in their structure.

In this module, the outgoing pieces, classified as stones, gravel and sand, cleaned from the initial contaminants (organic / inorganic compounds), can be recovered as secondary raw material, returned to reconstitute the original soil or disposed of in landfills for hazardous, non-hazardous, inert waste.

If the contamination is organic in origin, the fine particles, where the contaminants are concentrated, can be sent to the next module for solvent extraction or disposal in case inorganic contamination is present.

The ENSOLVEX patented technology, based on an organic pollutant extraction process that uses a suitable solvent (ethyl acetate-ETAC), allows the solvent extraction module to remove organic contaminants from fine particles, to enable waste recovery or the disposal in lower category landfills of the finer soil particles that are introduced into the system. The above mentioned system modules can be operated in series or individually.

The Platform of Assemini is one of the rare industrial realizations, which carries out a land recovery treatment aimed at separating and re-using the cleaned components (thus limiting the amount of materials to be disposed of in landfills) and recover secondary raw materials from contaminated soil.

From this point of view, the platform is a real processing plant, where, on one hand, contaminated soils enter and, on the other, clean soil or real secondary raw materials (sand, gravel and clay, clean and ready for reuse) come out as the result of the process.

Clean materials resulting from the treatment (sand, gravel and clay, selected due to grain size), can be reused to restore the original soil or sold separately.