Sludge and solid waste treatment

Disposal and recovery treatment of hazardous and non-hazardous waste: solid waste treatment , sludge treatment, contaminated containers recovery

The disposal and recovering treatment section for the hazardous and non-hazardous consists of the following:

  • solid waste treatment;
  • sludge treatment;
  • contaminated containers recovery.

 According with its origins and chemical-physical characteristics, each type of waste is preliminary checked at Ecotec Research Center, with the purpose of determining the best treatment process, the most suitable reagents to use and  their relative dosage.

The solid waste treatment section includes the preliminary waste storage, waste grouping and mixing, waste shredding, waste stabilization, contaminated casks and cans cleaning.

 In the solid and sludge waste treatment section, according to their chemical-physical characteristics, wastes are sent to the internal stabilization or, after a possible homogenization, reconditioning, volume reduction, crushing and pressing, disposed outside “as it is” to other authorized facilities in Italy or abroad.

The contaminated packages, iron containers, casks, cans and bottles are sent to the contaminated containers recovery section, where they are cleaned in order to be reused, recovered and/or disposed of, while the washing water is sent to wastewater treatment section.