Preliminary waste storage

Waste storage: preliminary waste storage and waste retention.

Ecotec industrial waste treatment platform is capable of handling almost every hazardous and non-hazardous waste EWC codes, with the following maximum total amount:

  • 102.700 tons/year of solid and sludge waste, with the maximum instantaneous storage of 4.500 tons;
  • 100.000 tons/year of liquid waste with the maximum instantaneous storage of 300 tons of wastewater (120 tons of liquid sludge, 180 tons of industrial wastewater), 1.000 tons of hydrocarbons contaminated liquid and 43 tons of solvent.

 According to their chemical-physical analysis, the wastes delivered to the preliminary storage (D15) and to the retention (R13) could be dispatched to the inner treatment and recovery modules or, alternatively, “as it is” (after any homogenization, reprocessing, volume reduction, pressing activities) to additional disposal facilities (thermal dryers) or recovery (waste to energy plants) in Italy or abroad.