Mobile liquid waste treatment system

Mobile liquid waste and groundwater treatment

Ecotec has obtained permission to operate mobile liquid waste and groundwater treatment, pursuant to art. 208, paragraph 15, of legislative Decree 152/2006, (Determination no. 116 of August 4, 2008 of the Ecology and Civil Defence Director of Cagliari Province with subsequent amendments and additions).

Mobile liquid waste and groundwater treatment systems, with nominal capacity up to 80 m3/h can continuously treat polluted waters and liquid waste resulted from industrial activities and contaminated groundwater.

The system's flexibility and modularity allow an easy adjustment of process parameters, in order to ensure the best performance, depending on the quality of incoming waste and expected results by implementing technologies aimed both at treating inorganic and organic pollutants.

The system is composed of the following sections (modules): Pre-treatment, pH reaction/control, flocculation and sedimentation module, where the processes are implemented to eliminate substances that interfere with processes implemented in subsequent sections.

Oxidation/reduction and filtration module, with the implementation of oxidation/reduction processes with specific reagents followed by appropriate separation of solids that may possibly be obtained; Refinement solution, using special selective columns formed by adsorbent materials possibly associated with column systems with commercial ion exchange resins (accompanied by regeneration modules).

The authorization for the operation of mobile liquid waste and groundwater treatment systems covers all types of waste treated by the system.

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