Hammamet (Tunisia)

25 May 2015

It was ended with a very positive balance the 1st International Conference Green Business and sustainable Development, organized by the Technopole of Borj Cedria in collaboration with the Ecotec Group at Hammamet Hotel Laico on 14-16th May 2015.

The Congress began on the morning of May 14th with the inaugural speech of Technopole Prof. Imed Regaya and the Ecotec Group CEO Dr. Aldo Imerito, with the special participation of the Tunisian Minister of Training and Employment Zied LADHARI and the most important Hammamet authorities.

An high level public was the splendid setting of the first edition of the Congress, during which were exposed excellent scientific presentations concerning the main themes of the Green Economy (renewable energy, recycling and earth resources, rational use of natural resources, emerging environmental technologies).

The Ecotec Group has participated at the work of the conference with the President Dr. Aldo Imerito

 and his collaborators Mario Ragona and Alessandro Dongu with two interventions concerning the geothermal energy, as a new alternative source of energy, and the applications of thermal plasma for the treatment of plastic and hospital waste.

At the end of the meeting, Dr. Aldo Imerito was pleased to thank the organizers of the Technopole, in particular Professor Imed Regaya, for the success of the first edition ... ..AD MAIORA! 

Congresso grande.jpg