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ECOTEC is committed to continuous improvement in the environmental field. This improvement is pursued through specific and measurable environmental objectives and environmental indicators calculated year after year;

In this context, ECOTEC has adopted, for its main operational sites, a certified environmental management system compliant to UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 regulations, which makes all system activities sustainable from an environmental point of view.

ECOTEC carries out its activities in accordance with in force environmental legislation, the environmental requirements contained in the contracts with the Customers, as well as the regulations issued by the environmental protection entities;

ECOTEC adopts all necessary measures to prevent pollution, opting for technologically valid and economically possible solutions in agreement with the environmental content of carried out activity;

The criteria ECOTEC's activity management is based on, provide a preliminary assessment of possible environmental consequences, the adoption of best available technologies, maximum external transparency and towards Authorities, as well as staff involvement.

ECOTEC ensures an efficient and correct management of the facility and activities carried out in its operating units, compliance with in force regulations, continuous improvement of environmental performance and pollution prevention.

All ECOTEC staff is actively involved in the achievement of environmental objectives, through an information system and continuous training.

ECOTEC is committed to disseminate and encourage the implementation of environmental policy also adopted by the contractors, suppliers and any other person accessing its operating units for work related purposes. Regarding these subjects, the responsibility, the behaviour and attitudes towards environmental aspects are considered as significant elements of the quality of provided services.