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Born in Asti on 6th October 1947, Aldo Imerito lives in Rome, where he graduated in Political Science at the University of  Rome.



  • Communication Sciences – England, 1975
  •  Starting in the oil market in the Netherlands, France and England
  •  Economic evaluation of the oil market in England, Switzerland and the United States
  • Other specializing courses in Italy and abroad for environmental cleaning and petrochemical

For about seven years Dr. Aldo Imerito was Responsible for the supply of crude oil for Swiss and Italian market, on behalf of an American oil multinational oil at its European headquarters in London.

Founding member and President of the Ecotec Group since 1981, in over 34 years Aldo Imerito has served many clients in Italy and in the world.

ECOTEC owns more than 50 patents related to environmental activities. Numerous systems installed in various factories and refineries employ ECOTEC patents.

Aldo Imerito was a speaker and lecturer at numerous events:

  • Ministry of Scientific Research;
  • Ministry of the Environment;
  • "NICOLE" (Network for Industrially Contaminated Land in Europe);
  • National Research Council;
  • University of Bologna - VIII Congress INCA Consortium;
  • LUMSA University of Rome - University Master's Degree,
  • University of Bologna and Ecomondo, International Fair for material’s recovery, energy and sustainable development
  • Confindustria and Intesa San Paolo
  • Congress of the LUISS UNIVERSITY in Rome