Ecotec Group


Since 1981 Ecotec Group has operated in the field of industrial waste processing, through the design, construction and management of treatment plants for waste and process wastewater, produced by large industrial, oil refining, chemical, pharmaceutical and extractive complexes.

Ecotec Group consists of six companies and employs about eighty people, including highly specialized personnel: engineers, chemists, biologists, physicists, geologists.

Ecotec Group is present throughout the country with its activity and subsidiaries, which operate the Global Waste Treatment plants located in some of the major Italian refineries and petrochemical and metallurgical facilities.

The Group's continuous technological innovation is entrusted to Ecotec Research Centre (Centro Ricerche Ecotec CRE) and is available for companies/entities that intend to develop new processes for the treatment of industrial waste (liquid and solid), especially related to the replacement of traditional technologies that are now obsolete for the exacerbation of sector legislation.


25 May 2015
Successfully completed the 1st International Congress on Green Business and substainable Development
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27 March 2015
Ecotec Group and the National Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technologies of Borj - Cedria ( Tunisia ) signed a four ye…
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