Wastewater treatment

Water is a precious resource that must be protected and used rationally: especially in the industrial field, the stringent industry regulations require that wastewater, groundwater and process water are treated, reclaimed, reused and finally discharged into the receiving body in compliance with the established regulations.

Over the years, ECOTEC has developed, designed and patented several processes for the treatment of groundwater, wastewater and process water tailor made for the specific problems of the Customer.

The main addressed issues will cover the removal of hydrocarbons and metals (selenium, lead, zinc, cadmium), ammonia, the removal of organic compounds (Benzene, Toluene, styrene, ethylbenzene, MTBE) and the removal of sulphur compounds.

Ecotec has designed, built and managed numerous treatment systems for groundwater, wastewater and process water treatment, including for example: in 1994, the first Italian installation of a groundwater ozone treatment system in Sannazzaro de' Burgondi refinery (400 m3/h), in 2012 the construction, commissioning and management of the Waste Water Reuse (WWER) wastewater treatment plant  in Livorno ENI Refinery (120 m3/h), in 2013, the construction and commissioning of the process water treatment plant for selenium removal, called "Luna" at the Portovesme srl Facility in Portoscuso (20 m3/h). 

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