Polluted soil and solid waste treatment

Over the years, ECOTEC has developed, designed and patented several processes for the treatment of polluted soil and solid waste.

The main addressed issues are related to the stabilization and neutralization of solid waste contaminated by metals and hydrocarbons and the treatment and recovery of polluted soils through soil washing and solvent extraction (ENSOLVEX).

Solid wastes such as refractory materials, spent catalysts, contaminated sands and easily manageable sludge can be treated by appropriate systems of waste stabilization, in order to allow their disposal in a licensed landfill or their reuse.

Ecotec produces solid waste treatment systems that are completely autonomous and essentially consist of: homogenization and reconditioning (trituration) module, stabilization module (mixers, reactors) with the addition of suitable reagents, ligands and absorbents (stored in silos), treatment module of gaseous effluents.

In this regard, in 1987, Ecotec has created the first system of solid waste homogenization (TOR) for the treatment of solid waste produced by the AGIP Sannazzaro Pavia refinery (waste treatment global service).

The treatment of polluted soils will be carried out through the use of soil washing and solvent extraction technologies. The treatment of polluted soils, sludge and other wastes with similar physical characteristics is made possible by using an innovative, patented technology, called ENSOLVEX ®, based on a process of pollutant extraction with a suitable solvent (ethyl acetate).

Through an initial phase of soil washing and a subsequent solvent extraction, the process allows an almost complete removal of contaminants (that can be recycled) and the reuse of treated soil, in accordance with current legislation. 

Furthermore, Ecotec's Research Centre has recently realized an innovative pilot system that uses the thermal plasma technology to industrialize thermal plasma processes for the treatment of some types of materials (hardly treatable or disposable with other technologies). Thermal plasma processes allow: the recovery of metals or metal alloys from waste/materials with a high concentrations of metal and/or recover energy from waste with a high organic content.

The polluted soil and solid waste treatment technologies and processes can be carried out using fixed or mobile installations.

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