Sludge Treatment

Ecotec has more than thirty years of experience in the treatment of sludge derived from oil refining, chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgical and mining industrial complexes.

Sludge treatment processes are always defined on the specific Customer requirements: in particular, Ecotec advises its Customers about the most appropriate treatment technologies regarding sludge production cycles, chemical-physical characteristics and the final goal of the treatment (disposal, metal recovery and/or energy recovery).

In general, both fixed and mobile sludge treatment installations may provide the following modular sections: primary and secondary centrifugation for a subsequent water-oil separation (optional, in case of high oil concentration), drying of the centrifuged sludge cake for a further reduction of moisture content, stabilization of the cake through the addition of suitable additives (for example to avoid the release of selenium, zinc, cadmium, lead, nickel), thermal plasma treatment for metal and/or energy recovery.

The technologies and processes for sludge treatment can be implemented by both the fixed or mobile systems: the mobile Ecotec systems can be used for different applications, such as: domestic, chemical plant, industrial and pharmaceutical sludge treatment.

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